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About Critter Cottage

Read about our Private dog Park

The idea for the Cottage started years ago when I was a mobile groomer. We were asked to watch our many clients dogs in our home. While we loved doing so, we were limited as to how many and what size we could house.

After carefully researching other kennels and attending seminars by the ABKA ( American Boarding Kennel Association ), we drew our own blueprint and built the Critter Cottage.

We offer indoor/outdoor runs, all climate controlled. Spacious real grass yards for play and potty. Social and small dogs are welcome to staying the playroom, complete with a sofa. They can run around as a group, supervised.

The Cattery is separate with large two story condos overlooking a butterfly garden and pond. They have their own ventilation system. daily each cat enjoys free time in the room to explore and relax.

Critter Cottage specializes in geriatric & puppy grooming. Dogs are treated to gentle natural shampoos, facials & pedicures. Express grooming is offered for a quick return to smooth anxious dogs or owners.

Cats have their own grooming room.

Owners the Young family, welcomes pet owners and their children to enjoy their hobby farm. Children love to come along to see the animals which include an Emu, Peacocks, Chickens, Horses, a sheep and a pig.

Continuing education and grooming seminars keep them current with the best treatments for the animals they lovingly board and groom.







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