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Boarding In A Country Setting

*****Boarding Gallery*****

Requirements: Proof of current vaccines and flea & tick preventive is                      required.

Dogs: Rabies, DHPPC & Bordatella and Annual Neg. Fecal Culture.

Cats: Rabies & FVRCP, Neg. Feline Leukemia.
        If your pet is not presently on a tick & flea preventive we will         apply one, with your permission, for a minimal charge.
        ( We also groom cats )

Meals: For our guests we proudly serve a variety of purina products.
          Finicky(discerning) eaters may have their dry foods prepared
          with chicken and broth (fat removed)
If you would like to bring your own food we will gladly feed,
          per your instructions.

Medication: (within reason) will be given at no additional cost.

Playroom: Small to medium dogs, who are social with others are
               welcome to stay in the living area complete with recliners,
               tv and sofa..for a "at home" feel under constant supervision.

Exercise: Each dog is escorted three times a day into one of our six
             fenced yards. We also have large indoor/outdoor runs, with
             air conditioning and heat.

Cattery: A separate room and entrance houses the cats. Each has their
            own multilevel condo with large bay windows overlooking the
            butterfly garden and pond. They are on their own ventilation

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